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When my vehemence goes beyond the sustenance of three worlds, the world is born. I encompass the immaterial material engendering the fuel that anoints the bald amorphous rage implicit beneath the apparent well-shaped universe. The unadulterated fury within me jumps into blazing fire recklessly incinerating my flesh in the fire sacrifice The body crumples, devastates into ashes but the ire is live, waiting to find its way out to annihilate everything – literally everything that exists or ever existed. Meandering to and fro, the rancor reaches its apogee when distinction between good and evil doesn’t matter I kill, want to kill and that is it- the hue and cry doesn’t tamper my relentless urge to drink red blood, I become unstoppable, when his abrupt gesture of surrender wanes my self confidence and my conscience palliates my annoyance. I see him as Shava; he lay immovable- Just nothing but a dead body and my feet upon his chest! I cannot control myself. This is where I want to breathe my last, I said to him. “Why was I humiliated this way when I was made to realize that my anger was unjustified when it wasn’t!” My red blood clotted tongue, the necklace adorning me with the skulls all over hovering me and my exasperation that knew no bounds was the only way towards attaining justice- He told me when I was unwilling to take this uncanny form.

He forced me to do so and now, he did what wasn’t in accordance to what was be done!

I am wandering still to find the answer. The Kala under my feet, the eternal stagnation of time- Kala waiting for release But if I release him, I would be bound- bound infinite by the attachments that surround the fleeting time that provoke me to be incarcerated by the urge to unite with him and let myself be governed perpetually by the cycle of life and death No! This time, I desire beatitude not imprisonment! I won’t release the Kala- Let he be under my feet and I control the cycle of time and become –KALI the controller of Kala! But here I see what? The one who lays dead is the one, who is alive as me, within me, I am KALA myself! The eternally ephemeral time that continues to swallow each element of the universe and make it lifeless- Shava that regains life immediately as my feet prey upon him. How is this possible? How can he be me? Ever since I have come up with this curiosity, I am wandering incessantly to come up an answer. My furious quest of fury involves the goal of reaching the means by which I could fathom the meaning of my existence. The funeral grounds on which I reside with Shava reminds me of the pyre in which I immolated my flesh to let it destroy the materialistic existence of mine and enable me be formless, devoid of worldly matter become the immaterial which does not need the orderly world of precepts but honors everything that is disorderly as within the disorder lies order, within the chaos lies the unperturbed silence, within death lies the eternal glory of life germinated from the Kala that lies dead under my feet waiting for me to release him from my bondage and enable him to pass and he goes away- only to come back and reside under my ageis- as Shava- Yours Kali

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