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I am the Queen of the Wilderness

The bloodthirsty vampire, the gruesome woman – the twin persona dipped in sheer naked form of mine gives me an identity beyond definition

Some fear my ferocity while some adore it yet without ignoring my formidable appearance that outdoes many a grotesque figures

The long red clotted tongue of mine flagrantly asking for more that is in your veins

The skull in my hand makes it evident I have not a tinge of mercy – I slaughter ruthlessly

Yes – I declare I want to KILL one and all

I show no benevolence and I know how to destroy -to annihilate

My long dark hair disheveled clouding my visage makes me look more dangerous as it complements my dark skin making me synonymous to an intimidating Witch – fearful haunting ghost wandering in the cemetery

Yes- the funeral ground is the destination I rejoice

Tantrics aghoris and mantrics I patronize and the -

Redoubtable Tantra is my crux. Yes, I am proud to be popular as the scary Goddess


Why do I have to pour my tongue out of my mouth as a mark of having committed an error of stepping on my husband’s body?

Every single moment why do I be recognized as the erroneous KALI that overruled the norms of compassion and therefore had to be stopped?

I did it all because I wanted to do it. I wished to devastate. I was born for it. I had to demolish? Why then did he control me by accidentally coming on my way? And why did I stop?

They all say my identity as his wife overtook my rancor and the gesture was an impromptu mark of remorse

But I know I wanted it. Yes. Only I know I wanted it to happen. He could not have stopped me if I wouldn’t have desired it.

Why did I desire it?

As it was the only way to CONTROL HIM- The Kala whose energy is beyond control. Yes I am Kali who regulates Kala the Kalachakra that rules the universe and I rule it. As I stepped on Kala, he became immune to flux. He became Shava instead of Shiva.

Shava resides in the cemetery and I am thus the resident of cemetery wherein each day, each Shava approaches me and implores me to step on it in order that I grant one Moksha- the final beatitude from the continual cycle of death and rebirth – the Kalachakra. It is the eternal release I give to all Shavas that lie underneath my feet and I grant them emancipation and therefore, I drink blood out of these shavas or bodies contaminated by the earthly sins. I wish to have more and more and my thirst never quenches as I want to make them all pure – sinless by drinking every drop out of them. Their skulls adorn my neck as a mark of sacrifice of pride that resides in the head. Thus, I love to amputate heads from these bodies – The Shavas. But my tongue does not fail to expose the pain that’s involved in the arduous process of releasing by killing. Thus it lolls out immediately from my mouth as and when I execute the task of killing the kala – and granting freedom to my Children.

Who comprehends me? None. But they do adorn me with syllables like – "MA" and this is enough for me to sustain my worth among them.

Yours Kali

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