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Theater from my perspective

Theater has given me NOTHING. Yes. Nothing. This nothing has enabled me to avail the realization that no matter when you aspire to be a theater practitioner, you need to desire NOTHING. Desiring this nothing will estrange all thoughts of procuring name, fame and money through theater and therefore when you efface the idea of making theater the means of seeking material comfort, it engenders the illumination required for you to construe why theater cannot accept our desire to make us " rich" in the conventional sense.

The stage gives us a platform to showcase our talent but it never promises any upward mobility to us. It is a fact and a matter of our choice whether we want to bring ourselves to the limelight. If we do, we need tolerance to fail, to get rejected and to be disregarded by those viewers who are the sole decision makers of our fate. So, the stage is a battle field and the participants are waging a battle where they must be ready to lose which if they do they must prepare themselves for the next war

. There is no room for acceptance of defeat. Theater gives you the privilege to fight as a fighter till you achieve audience acclaim which is to be the ultimate goal of any sincere theater artist. If your aim is becoming a great celebrity through theater you will be depended upon so called great tycoons who will decide your fate even before your career starts and you will get really " something " out of this dependency on them and that is, Name, fame money perhaps all material comforts not with your own ability but unwarranted flattery. I am satisfied theater hasn't given me anything of this sort. Am happy with NOTHING.

Dr. Payal Trivedi

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