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Mendicant: Parvati. I am intrigued by your interesting personality that refuses to surrender despite the grand proclamations by all odds that have constantly been confronting you. However, the explanation that your apparently impressive wisdom has forwarded with the aid of the erudite mastery that you seem to posses with regards to the use of language is inconvincing. You say, he is being wandering as a nomad since eons to help you seek salvation! What an absurd attempt at ratiocinating! I must be blunt here as it is my duty for the highest veneration you’ve shown towards me by addressing me as Guru. So, my moral responsibility is to show you the correct path, the truth, however bitter it may be. And I will. I cannot understand how can someone as bright as you could be so blind in love as to ignore the truth that he is a nomadic aghori who has been wandering in the Shamshana since god knows what period of time only because he does not have a realm that he may call an abode of his own! Look! Indra has Indralok, Brahnma has Brahmalok and Vishnu has Vishnulok and Shiva, what does he have? Does he have Shivalok? No, all that he has is the symmetry! That shamshan were all that we have is dead bodies exposed to fire! How fearful and the in fact ominous! It is the residence of the atruptaatmas- the souls that constantly pine for salvation and these atruptaatmas become the bhoota and preta that wander in the shamshana around your aghori Shiva who performs his penance in the midst of these perpetually dissatisfied souls! O Mrignayani Parvati! Open your eyes; it is my request and look at the truth. How can Shiva offer you salvation? How? Do you know what beatitude means? It is the state of complete peace wherein the soul discontinues this cycle of birth and death. Can Shiva give you this freedom when he has not enabled those purposelessly meandering souls the emancipation! Think Parvati. If he has not released them despite being aware that they are in dire need of that liberation, why would he release you, you are his TRAP. He is feeding his EGO by having brought you here in this situation is all I can say and right now, I am sure, by not paying any heed to your invocation, all that he is doing is taking pride upon the fact that you are there, for him, defending him always and no matter what, you will not give up his aaradhana – imploring in front of him. Your Shiva is egoistic. The souls wandering around him day in and day out are the means by which he takes the utmost pleasure of being the master- their sole proprietor and he is doing the same with you. He wants you to be in this cycle Parvati in order that he may have an evidence to prove that his worthiness is indomitable. You do not deserve such a selfish Man dear. You require someone who can value you, for who you are someone who does not keep you waiting for infinity and not give a single insignia of his empathy towards the agony that you are currently experiencing! I can feel it, can’t he? How hard-hearted! How disrespectful towards you he is I have to say this! And you, what’s wrong with you? A strong woman like you has to set an example Parvati by disowning him totally! You need to show him what mettle you are made of is immune to his charms, to all his enterprises to keep you in the enslavement of his enticements. Believe me, he is just merry-making at this hour in front of his friends Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma and all other Devatas that he has someone as brilliant as you having resigned herself in front of his so-called grandeur. I want you to realize that there is nothing, absolutely nothing in Shiva’s apparently majestic personality – that vision that has captivated you is deceptive. I know. It is very easy for a delicate woman like you to get lured by the uncanny appearance that he adorns deliberately in order to attest his uniqueness among other Gods. But, that very unusual appearance you are fascinated with is just a MASK that does not have any substance. See, you feel he is so distinct, so brave as he has fearful snakes twirling around his neck and he is immune to the alluring of the material world, nothing materialistic excites him. He is Kamavijayai, no woman will ever be able to attract him and therefore, you think, if he accepts you, you will be the only one in his life and all of this but Parvati, once again as your guru, I tell you to open your eyes. Your vision is blinded by that aghori’s tantra. He has cast a spell on you undoubtedly or you would have realized that Shiva’s intimidating image is nothing but a MYTH. All the snakes twirling around his neck are the manifestations of his tantra – the magic that he possesses to keep each entity under his spell- the way you are at present. So, the venom that he drank so impressively and the snakes and the bhoot and preta that he boasts of keeping under his ageis are nothing but a facade, a make-belief created by the prowess of his tantra which is UNREAL. Nothing of Shiva is REAL. He is the TANTRIC that knows some witchcraft and wizadry that loots the soul of many who become vulnerable to his tactics of hypnosis! Leave. Leave his territory or else he would engulf you into the labyrinth of his terrible practice he’s been continuing since eons – and THAT IS – NEVER TO SET YOU FREE!

PARVATI: Shree Guru. How can I ever thank you for such a superb enlightenment! Yes. Indeed. I am illumined by your awakening speech. Nonetheless, I have to let you know how your words have enabled me to to construe the WORTHINESS of my goal that of course seems far reaching for many but is certainly the One an the ONLY mission for which I am born. Indeed Shree Guru. You are right. He is a tantric. And he has been perpetually involving me in his TANTRA. I have been following him incessantly, unconsciously in fact which leads many to assume that I am hypnotized by his AURA. And today, I want to disclose the secret too. Yes Shree Guru. Doubtlessly, his magnificent glory mesmerizes me every time I see him. Each moment, the little glimpse of his unique personality that impressively combines the gothic and the spiritual makes me helpless and I begin hunting for his companionship. Reverend Guru. When did I ever seek lineaer spiritualism? Never. This is because; I am NOT ONE who is made up of a single layer of adherence towards only the DIVINE, the sanctified or the sacred. Who but you knows very well that I am the essence of the intimidating and the fierce TANTRA that governs the universe equally as the HOLY MANTRA does. Aren’t YOUR erudite senses aware of my GRUESOME PERSONA? Do I need to introduce you to my GHOSTLY being? Do I need to tell you that I MIRROR HIM AND HE DOES MIRROR ME AND THAT WE BOTH ARE TWO DISTINCT FACETS OF THE SAME ELEMENT? THE SHIV AND THE SHAKTI - THE MAHAKAL AND THE MAHAKALI?

Shree Guru, The moment I came into being, my other half, the twin came into existence as you are well aware of the process. This other half got split into the masculine PURUSHA while I became the feminine PRAKRITI and we both chose NOT to UNITE ever in spite of being ONE for our union meant the destruction of the UNIVERSE’S PREORDAINED BINARY stability will get disrupted and there would remain NOTHING left then. To counter this NOTHINGNESS, The Purush and Prakriti – the divine feminine and the divine masculine MUST STAY APART perpetually in order that they many enable their binary fragments the masculine and the feminine in this world of the creator realize the need to merge their distinctiveness and thus annihilate the difference of gender and that’s the soul purpose of our existence as separate entities despite being ONE. Shree Guru, who but you would know it so well that if purush and prakriti dismantle their separation, it would be devastating because, twin energies would then cease to exist in the world of matter which would mean Brahman’s law of creation would become stagnant. Shree Guru, Birth – the creation is the primary principle of the world of the creator as you know and this cannot take place if purush and prakriti become selfishly oriented towards OUR own avarice of union; already WE are united in our bodiless spiritual form as we already KNOW – OUR nirakara roopa is undivided and nobody can separate the ardhanareshwara. But, when we need to engender creation in order to resurrect this world from evil, we OUGHT TO COME TOGETHER. Therein begins the problem. Prakriti has to take human form while purusha chooses to STAY in his divine essence. There is a reason for this - let me clarify before I hear from you that it is unfair on the part of your divine counterpart to give you the onus of losing your divinity and descend down to the earth while he remains there- immovable.

Yes. Only prakriti can come down. Purush cannot because he does NOT HAVE ANY POWER WITHIN HIM to do so. If he leaves the abode of divinity, he has to have INDEFINITE endurance. Yes, indefinite endurance to endure the pangs of the material realm which are beyond the level of tolerance for HIM. Prakriti descends down on the earth to endure – to endure limitless turmoil. Therefore, it is SHE that decides to take human form and HE remains there – unperturbed in his cavern receding into yogic meditation for incessant period of time. This state gives the purusha the balance that he requires to liberate himself from the agonizing experience of separation from prakriti. This pain he feels is beyond any ordinary comprehension. It constantly tortures the purusha; it penetrates deep into his organs, his senses, and his psyche and tries its level best to annihilate his existence as he is shaktivihina- powerless without Shakti. Therefore, purusha has no other outlet but to involve into a ceaseless penance – He becomes the HERMIT who appears cut off from all the worldly desires. It seems that he has become a sanyasin – someone who has broken all his ties with his better half his Shakti. But it is not so. He is in perpetual dhyan of his Shakti. He is constantly involved in his Shakti. It is she on his mind forever. But, he is unable to take any action. This is because he is POWERLESS. Only she is proficient enough to give him the energy that he requires to take the due ACTION in order that they may be able to come together. And action requires her to take rebirth. She has to assume a form and this she is able to do when she again separates her bodiless self – her formless entity she possesses within the purusha in the deep recesses of his heart that he is unable to trace till the time she is in the dormant state. The Dhyan or penance of the purusha therefore enables her to become alive and be out of this inactive state and take another form. This is because he constantly focuses on her and manifests her incessantly which makes her helpless and she is compelled to take a pratyaksha form. This is vital for her because in her paroksh or formless entity that she eternally occupies inside the purusha cannot enliven his material senses which are required for the continuity of the cycle of creation; hence her birth. Prakriti cannot ever desire for MOKSHA - liberation therefore. She is born and reborn in each epoch to complete the purpose of creation by mingling and separating from the purusha and vice versa.

Shree guru, all thanks to sage Narada who made me have access to my form as the incarnation of this Shakti whose sole purpose is to unite with him – the divine masculine. And now since I have realized my purpose, it will be impossible for me to procrastinate or rescind applying all the means required to attain my sole aim. So, nothing in the world can deter me. Besides, now I would like to end my explaination by answering your final accusation about his aghori-tantric personality. In this respect, let me clarify that all tantra and mantra surrender in his Bhairava form – this intimidating personality of kalbhairav he assumes is only on account of the fact that he realizes that his aggression, his ire, his indomitable ferocity which is another facet of his personality requires taking another form altogether for the bhootganas and the pretaganas that hover around him as he is the benevolent one who provides refuge for one and all irrespective of who they are.. Thus, aghori shiva that appears to be so apparently repulsive and so hypnotic, the one that you are talking about is nothing but another identity he is compelled to assume as he has to counter the negative energies around him in the universe that unfortunately is deprived of the solely positive. Thus, he requires to wear this MASK of the fierce, the intimidating which you stereotype as unreal. And, of course this masked identity will enforce celibacy upon him being well aware of the fact that feminine positive energy cannot dwell with his gruesome aghori self. It is the indispensable duty of the divine positive feminine energy therefore to stimulate the urge in him to let her emerge in him in order that he gets the power of extracting his ORIGINAL

image as Sadashiva – the Ashutosh, the one who is the embodiment of all that is positive and beautiful just like truth- Satyam, Shivam Sundaram.

Shree Guru, the incarnation of Shakti is the need to resurrect the purusha from his state of self-imposed isolation which can lead him towards his disaster. If he chooses to disregard the divine feminine within himself, he is definitely going to become the paradigm of the NEGATIVE and the EVIL which guarantees eternal catastrophic end of the CREATION. Brahman’s creation sustains on the balancing of positive energies – the twin flames the Shiva and Shakti that unite to give a strong foundation to this sinful world. Only when the prakriti enables the purusha to assume his KALYANKARI SWAROOPA that is – the blissful form he is able to become SHIVA – the MANGAL.

Finally, with all due respect and without dishonouring my dignity by gathering this audacity to speak about worldly needs by expecting him – the kamvijayi to provide me Sansar sukha – satiate my material desires, let me clarify Shree Guru, as the sangini of Shiv – the eternal blissful one, I myself prefer abstinence- from all hedonistic pleasures that are nothing but liabilities of the world of matter. I do NOT SEEK any of it because, if I DESIRE WEALTH, I need to disown the pride of becoming the better half of the one who is the master of the supreme wealth, under whose ageis lies the goddess of wealth LAXMI who adorns his abode – akinchanah, sah, sadakinchanah... “He who appears a mendicant, is actually the master of all fortune, all wealth and yet chooses to remain away from all enticements that are actually FAKE, UNREAL because their existence is fleeting. He, THE ONE WHO REMAINS unperturbed by the disturbances of the worldly wealth is the perpetual mendicant who chooses to test my patience to the optimum level and here I am, in front of his divine eternal self, folding my hands in front of him, invoking him to bless my mortal self that requires him to complete its sole purpose to resurrect this world from the Evil that is consuming the world as TARAKASURA. Unless he chooses to accept me as his consort, he knows well that this world will continue to remain under the clutches of the demonic forces eager to consume all purity and bliss of this universe replacing it with profanity. Besides this, I hereby declare that my existence holds no meaning without him and so is his existence questionable without that of mine. We need to be together to compliment each other’s existence because, Shiv, the eternal sacred one needs to be coupled with Shakti the eternal divinity because NOTHING SACRED in this world is worthy of attesting its worth unless it has the prowess or Shakti that enables him the strength to assert his identity. At the same time, the indomitable fierce energy of mine requires the masculine complacency to reach stability. Only he can give me the stable existence I need to have in order that my capabilities can be fully realized. Therefore, I need him and he needs me and he, the one standing in front of me as the mendicant can now decide what he wants to do. Many thanks for enabling me to indulge in this intellectual debate Shree Guru. I know Shakti’s biggest challenge is to outwit Shiva’s sagacity and I feel, I have tried my level best to accomplish this task assigned by Shiva himself! Pranam.

Mendicant: Parvati. You are the sublime one. I am a wandering mendicant. I do not consider myself worthy of your implorings and it has certainly been excruciating for me as well to put you to this test as much as it has been for you to clear this one. I know well that the life you have lived so far as Himalaya’s daughter does in no way welcome the rigors of any mendicant’s home and that it would doubtlessly be a travail for you to endure a life full of tyag and samarpana – sacrifice and surrender. Nonetheless, please do not feel that I am in any way doubting your caliber of enduring the worst of the circumstances you are sure to face if you fulfill your desire but I feel it would surely be unfair on my part if I do not acknowledge the problems, the challenges that would come to confront you day in and day out if you be the consort of this mendicant. I do not want to comfort you in any way by giving you any of the assurances that I will take care of you because I WILL EXPECT you take care of yourself in case you be MINE. Let me give you utmost clarity on this – I cannot be a regular or conventional grihastha and will never be able to sumptuously satisfy you with any of the orthodox marital promises to make you conventionally happy as my consort. All I have is the Ice clad Mountains, these snakes twirling around my neck and this poison not nectar – mark you, this poison that lies in my throat and this kalkoota visha is detrimental and life threatening. Nobody even dares to come near me due to all of these and I am homeless nomad who has no ordinary wealth to fill your life with the conformist notes of a happy married life and children as you know well that Rati’s curse has rendered even these expectations hopeless. Do you feel you are ready for this eternal trial?

Parvati: When I am born to be yours, how do you imagine my Lord I can even think of someone else in my life? How can you even think if Shiv discards conventional marital life, his Shakti can ever desire it when she’s just another fragment of his imperishable self? How can you ever assume that the comforts of the worldly living have been so powerful as to overtake your Shakti’s unprecedented power to disregard all of them for her only desire is to unite with you who has chosen to negate the material? The challenges you are talking about are not challenges for me you know well. They are opportunities for me to attest my prowess, my ability to be YOUR CONSORT as it is certainly a matter of great pride that none but I can only withstand your poisonous snakes and your kalkoota visha – the poison. Who else but I can understand the importance of this intimidating aghori tantric swaroopa of yours? Do you think anybody else but me can define the meaning of your choice to abstain from conformity? Can anybody construe you than this Shakti of yours who can promptly explain the reason for you appearing to be wearing this apparently inseparable MASK of the intimidating and the fierce identity that keeps away all that is unholy and unpropitious by embracing all of it? Yes. I know by keeping the bhootas and pretas around you, drinking the bhang – appearing like the wandering nomad, homeless, scattered in the Symmetry, you become immune to all this negativity and it does not affect you anymore. Only Shiv can do this, ADORN NEGATIVITY TO WARD OFF NEGATIVITY. I am impressed with this APPARENT PARADOX of the sacred and profane in you and I hereby declare this - IF I AM NOT ACCEPTED BY YOU, I AM SURE TO INCINERATE THIS BODY OF MINE IN THE PIOUS PYRE OF THE HAVANKUNDA WHICH I HEREBY CREATE BY MY PROWESS. I CANNOT CONTINUE TO BEAR ANY SEPARATION OF YOU ANY MORE...I, THE ONE WITH INFINITE POWER AM POWERLESS WHEN IT COMES TO TOLERATE YOUR VIRAHA – SEPARATION ANY MORE.

MENDICANT: Shakti. I think, before accepting your proposal, I need to seek the permission of your parents. Only if they assent to this marital alliance, can all your penance bear the desired fruit.


Dr. Payal Trivedi


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