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Shiv Parvati samvad: part II

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Mendicant: Parvati. Certainly admirable is your self-confidence. But remember one thing. This is sure to fail. Not because you are over-confident. Because, you have chosen someone who is definitely on to making you fail in your attempt to attain your goal. Listen. Could marriage ever be the forte of an ascetic? Tell me. Shiva is a perpetual ascetic. He cannot indulge in such a game of settling down- give you an environment of safety and security. Parvati, he is an incessant nomad! He has no domicile of his own. Can you ever think of getting protected in the company of the one who has no plans of starting a family! See. Even before you could plan any such thing with him, he confiscated the rights of you by incinerating Rati and bringing the hex on you of remaining infertile for the rest of your life! How can you imagine yourself of being a wife of someone so heartless! You are extraordinary in your appearance, matchless in your intelligence and unprecedented in your intimidating image as Shakti! Recognize yourself!

Parvati: Shree Guru with all due humility I admire your self-confidence of dissuading me from my aim. It certainly seems to be indeed a strong impediment to withstand I must confess. Nonetheless, gathering all my strength, I hereby declare a certain truth unabashedly in front of you if you pardon my audacity which in no terms intends to cross the barrier of decorum; if any way it does, I seek your grace. Shree Guru, first and foremost, not only in this birth I seek marital alliance with him but in all my births, I would seek it only with him as he is the only one who respects my glory glorifying it without aiming to be either flattering or overpowering. His balanced approach towards my extraordinary power is the very reason I seek him. My matchless intelligence requires his down to earth approach to control my “ego” and he has been doing it since time immemorial. Who if not you knows it how Shiva so humbly proclaims his colossal persona by controlling my virtually uncontrollable wrath! Is there anyone but him who can manage my rancor, my bhadrakali, mahakali swaroopa? I remember, he chooses to shed tears like a child and embrace me enabling me to discard the ire that may consume me and bring me to self destruction! At the other time, he sleeps like shava under my feet accepting my dominion! I do not need settling down in the conventional sense of the term shree Guru. I need someone to help me settle down! Provide me with the eternal peace I seek by estranging the ceaseless anger that has been the hazard that accompanies Shakti. Shiva is the only one who has the caliber of making Shakti realize the need to not lose modesty even during her annoyance. This is settling down that an extraordinarily intimidating Shakti requires. As far as marrying an ascetic is concerned, well you have triggered the right point I must again state candidly. I accept his asceticism whole-heartedly that recognizes the sanctity of a relationship like marriage ostracizing the very basic conception of nuptial alliance only for starting a family. The perpetual celibacy that is bestowed upon me by Rati devi, is acceptable to me for marrying Shiva as it means resting all your instinctual drives that often coax you to surrender your dignity. He is Kamavijaya-someone in front of whom the god of love miserably abnegates his prowess acknowledging subservience to him! How can the one aiming to be his lifetime comrade even think of going against his will. Marrying with the lord is equal to worshiping the lord and not immersing oneself in worldly pleasures of life shree guru. The one who aims to marry him has to aim at an elevated goal- Jiva shiva union- My jiva will meet the eternal shiva and obtain salvation as the lord accepts me as his sevika- the better half who wants to serve him as none but only he is capable of becoming her master. He's been roaming as a nomad since countless period of time simply to help me seek beatitude. Bless me shree guru that I may succeed in my enterprise.

By : Dr. Payal Trivedi

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