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Ma –

You have been the needle that has enabled me - the thread, to show my potential to yield new designs in life.

The strongest woman you are in my life, an amazing mother, amazing nurturer and a truly amazing mentor. We both have shared the best and the worst moments of life together but never even once have I seen you down and out... You have always taught me to believe in myself, in my dreams and have constantly persuaded to pursue them tenaciously in order that I reach my goal by discovering the sole purpose of my life; not simply attain material success but be what I really want to BE...A healer, a guide, a mentor of those many who seek guidance to help themselves withstand the worst calamities they encounter often in life and feel disillusioned. Ma, you have taught me the true meaning of GOD - The one that resides within us and guides us at every step towards righteousness. Not imposing religion on to me, you made sure I become spiritual. Not imposing tradition on to me, you made sure I follow my values, not imposing goodness on to me; you made sure I become HUMAN.

I don't know when not having the knowledge of English made you so confident as to become the best ORATOR speaking the right things to the right people and at the right time proving that LANGUAGE is nothing but just a means to communicate and that NOT having English language education mustn't make us undermine our potential to be vocal wherever required. I am and will always be Proud to have you in my life.Some say that motherly affection is inimitable. I want to proclaim that motherly scolding is indispensable in life to be a “good human" & a “responsible citizen" of this world. Your strictness has allowed me to understand the right and the wrong and I may not be very dexterous in following the cryptic ways of this selfish material world, but I know I will never do anything that OUGHT NOT TO BE DONE.

I have learnt from you, how to confidently carry a sari and give a lecture in Hindi and Gujarati and not get daunted by so called modern claims of flaunting etiquette through sitting at the dining table executing table manners goading my English education all around. Sitting down with folded legs and hands during the pooja and sitting on the floor while eating prashad with my own hands not demanding a spoon is what YOU have made me comprehend so endearingly, accompanying adequate reason that not even once have I been provoked to question you on the precept.With immense love in my heart as a daughter and feeling elated at the privilege of having someone like you, I hereby announce today that, “MY MA is the best CELEBRITY in the world." If I learnt to stay strong in these trying times of the terrible pandemic, it was only because of you. Never even once did I see you stop, resigning in front of the challenging circumstances. Your spirits always soared high which made me believe that all will be well because, we are together and we will fight. The vaccine is out finally now. The day of judgement has come as you had predicted last year; and now, it is because of your undying hopeful vision that I have realized – NEVER GIVE UP is the evergreen mantra of human life and it should be so, irrespective of any circumstances.

Thank you is a small word, very small as compared to the colossal difference you’ve made in my life by perpetually being there for me, sacrificing your career for me, making sure I get the best of you each time I need you and all this still prevails even after several years, the world has changed but you are still the same – the most benevolent mother. I wish that the generation of today gets the opportunity of having a mother as kind as you who lives for her children and finds her happiness in their success. You are the epitome of Goddess prakriti, the divine feminine, the nurturer for me and I bow down to you, touch your feet and desire your blessings which are the only source of attaining bliss. Pranam. Ma.

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