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That day, Abdul was not feeling good. He had been trying hard to keep up his spirits and walk until dawn but he knew he was giving up. " I cannot walk any further! He exclaimed and stopped under a tree. But there was something that kept telling him "continue. You cannot give up." He continued walking after a while of rest. His body was aching. He knew it won't be any further and he would have to surrender finally to his fate. He would have to stop walking. However, he was continually trying to boost his morale and walk when he heard a voice, "tired? ok. I will help you. Sit behind my back and I will take you to your destination." Abdul turned back. He saw a donkey behind him. Abdul was exuberant. Now he won't have to walk and exert his limbs. He accepted the donkey's offer but before he could sit on the animal's back the animal said aloud, "See I would do this favor to you provided you confess that YOU ARE A GREEDY MAN. Abdul laughed and said, "Ok I AM GREEDY I CONFESS. " The donkey brayed loud and said, "Not here in isolation. In front of all your villagers tomorrow in the middle of the village you have to say this. "Ok" Abdul just consented thoughtlessly. The next day, Abdul realized, "If I say I am greedy in front of the entire village, it will spoil my repute. I will not say so." he decided. Nonetheless, the next minute he found himself in the same wilderness he was the day before. "How have I landed up here! He exclaimed. He heard the same voice he had heard there earlier. It was the same donkey he had met. The donkey spoke firmly. "If you break your promise, YOU WILL LAND UP HERE FOREVER." Abdul did not know what to do. He quickly said, "Take me back and I will say I am greedy." The next moment, he found himself in front of his villagers. Looking at the entire crowd in front of him, Abdul thought for a while and then proclaimed. "I AM GREEDY. YES INDEED I AM." The entire village looked at Abdul amazingly. They all spoke, "What?" Abdul said, "YES I AM GREEDY TO SEE THIS VILLAGE PROSPER." The next moment he saw himself standing in front of the King of another land who said, "You want this village to prosper? ok. So you die because I want my Kingdom to prosper." Abdul implored, "Sorry. I take my words back." The King relieved him. He suddenly heard the donkey's voice again, " Do not try to be clever or else you will suffer." Abdul understood. He went back to his village and said it aloud. "I am GREEDY." The next moment, he saw the villagers mock and scorn him. They boycotted Abdul from their community. Abdul was sad. He was all alone and there was no company to keep. Everyone called him THE GREEDY MAN OF THE VILLAGE. One fine day, Abdul got sad. He did not want to stay this way so he shouted, "Please take me back to that wilderness. I do not want to be here. Why did you give me this?" And he saw the donkey in front of him. Abdul asked, "why did you do this to me." The donkey replied, "Because in my previous birth you did this to me." Abdul gasped. He asked further, "Is there any remedy to get out of this situation. I can do penitence." The donkey said, "Only one. Go beyond the seven seas, seven earths and seven skies and meet my people and tell them that I was innocent." Abdul started his journey. Half way, he got tired and exclaimed, "Can I have someone to help?" He heard a voice, " Yes I will carry you on my back but you need to do a simple thing," Confess in front of your villagers that you are greedy." Abdul thought for a while and said, " I agree and I have understood." The donkey brayed aloud, "May you reach your destination one day.

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