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Sati kept on speaking. Nobody was ready to listen to her. It was that everybody was speaking together. Sati told everyone to keep quiet but everybody kept on talking. Sati raised her voice but in vain. She saw the notorious and adamant crowd was not ready to listen so she ultimately screamed. Nonetheless, the people ignored her loud scream too. They kept on talking. Sati did not know how to stop them. She suddenly thought something. She took a knife in her hand and shouted, "If you do not listen, I will stab myself." To her shock, nobody listened to her. Everybody continued to talk. She got agonized and irritated at the same time, slowly her anger rose disproportionately and she shouted again, "See I will stab you if you do not listen." And the crowd stopped chatting. They looked at Sati and to her utter shock, everybody screamed aloud and hit her hard on her face with stones. She started bleeding fiercely and the herd uttered, "Don't you dare hit us! Mad woman! Sati picked up her belongings and turned away silently. She simply said, "HERD THE HORROR.

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